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Most POWERFUL Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Auckland

  • Stain Removal, High Temperature – 85°C
  • Deep Cleaning, High Pressure – 1000 PSI
  • Fast Dry, High Suction – 2000 PSI
  • Servicing Auckland Since 2009, FREE Deodorise & Sanitise, Affordable Price

Pet Urine, Pet Stain, Pet Hair, Coffee Stain, Red Wine Stain, Soda Drink Stain, Carpet Cleaning DIY

Professional Carpet Cleaner in Auckland

Auckland, North Shore, West Auckland, East Auckland, South Auckland

Steam Carpet Cleaning (Hot water extraction)

Powerful Truckmount cleaning machine for deep cleaning and fast drying. Professional carpet cleaning companies use this method for woolen materials and synthetic fibres like microfibre and polyester. 

  1. Inspect carpet to check Fabric type and condition.
  2. Spray eco-friendly cleaning products: shampoo, sanitizer, deodoriser. Target sprays the stain treatments.
  3. Steam Carpet Cleaning: Deep Clean with high-pressure hot water into the deep layer of the carpet. It melts the bond between stain and fibre.
  4. Sanitize and Deodorize
  5. Extracted 95% of the water back. Dry on average 2 hours.

Dry Rug Cleaning

Less water, less drying time. Suit delicate fibres that are sensitive to moisture. Persian and Oriental rugs with natural fibres like sisal, jute, and seagrass. 2 types of dry carpet cleaning:

Powder Dry Carpet Cleaning 

  • Sprinkle an encapsulation cleaning solution evenly on the carpet. Next, brush the solution into the deep layers of carpet with a two counter-rotating brushing machine.
  • The solution will dry and become powder that bonds to the dirt, soil, and stains particles. Next, vacuumed off the dry powder with attached dust and dirt.

Solvent Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • The machine will work the solvent into the fibre of carpet and upholstery. Then, extract the solvent back with dirt and stains.
  • Inspect the carpet to see if residue remains. Repeat the cleaning if necessary.

Stain Treatments Cleaning Process:

High-traffic areas have more carpet stains and. Stain removal and stain guard these areas will extend the carpet’s life. And make regular cleaning easier.

Stain Removal

Regular Stains: Most regular stain is removable with usual commercial carpet cleaning services.

Difficult Stains: We use the most powerful machine with all stain treatment chemicals.
Step 1: Inspect the stains and fabric type and choose the treatment needed.
Step 2: Use the specific stain removal solutions. However, permanent stains will remain permanent.

Stain Guard

  • After cleaning is done, apply a protector to shield the carpet from dirt, and spills. It also shields the carpet from wear and tear without changing the fabric texture.
  • The protector is odorless and will extend the life of the carpet. In addition, carpet protection give you extra time to clean up any future soil and spills.
  • Depending on the foot traffic on the carpet, the protective coating remains for around a year.

Frequently Asked Questions


Special: $120 for two bedroom units. (common part of tenancy cleaning)
Standard Steam: $2.50 per square meter.
The minimum charge is $120 for one visit.
Heavy Duty Commercial Carpet Washer: $4 per square meter.
Other Factors:
The nature and amount of stain
The size and areas need to be cleaned, e.g., lounge, office, room, and stairs.

Cleaning Time?

Usual small to medium houses will take within one hour. Bigger houses may take 2 hours. Big offices may take two days.
Other Factors:
Carpet fabric type, thickness, and pile length.
Home temperature, humidity, airflow, weather.

Drying Time?

Steam carpet cleaning: 3-6 hours. Dry carpet cleaning: 0.5-1 hour.
Upholstery Cleaning: 5-24 hours.
Mattress Cleaning: 3-24 hours, depending on the condition of your mattress.
Other Factors:
Carpet fabric type, thickness, and pile length.
Home temperature, humidity, airflow, weather.

What Do I Do Before Auckland Carpet Cleaner Arrival?

Have a parking space near your property.
Auckland Carpet Cleaning Specialists: Please vacuum your carpets. Dust skirting boards and furniture if you like. Clear fragile items and clear as much furniture as possible.
Upholstery Cleaning: Please remove all pillows and coverings.
Mattress Cleaning: Please remove mattress cases or pillows.

Steam Carpet Cleaning VS Dry Carpet Cleaning. Which Is Better?

Steam cleaning does a better clean. Dry cleaning dries instantly.
Steam clean suits regular fibre. Dry cleaning suits delicate fibre.
Both methods have their pros and cons:
Example 1: If the carpet is regularly cleaned. You can alternate between steam and dry cleaning.
Example 2: If you have pets, steam cleaning is better than deep cleaning.
Example 3: When you bought a new house, and you don’t know its professional cleaning history. It is better for deep professional carpet cleaning services in Auckland.
Example 4: You have important visitors coming tomorrow and your quick carpet is refreshing with little time to dry. Dry cleaning is preferred.

What Stains Are Removable?

When a substance is attached to the carpet but not set yet, it’s a spot.
It becomes a stain when it becomes set and entangled with the fibre.
A professional carpet shampooer can remove some spots, like soil, food, and grease. If the stain has not become permanent, it is still possible to remove the stains.
Normal spot removal is included in our standard price. Extra charges may apply for the stain treatment. The permanent stain will not be charged.

How Often Should I Clean Carpet And Upholstery?

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning: General area once a year, high traffic areas every six months.
Mattress Cleaning: Every 1-2 years.

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