Summer Carpet Cleaning Tips in Auckland

More people will visit each other during summer months, this will increase the exposure to stains and dirt on carpet. Not to mention the additional food and drink stains from parties and gatherings. People will bring dirt from different places outside and its not likely you will treat the new dirts as soon as it sets in. There are some advices this articles will give you to help you how to cope with summer tidiness issues on the carpet. Also will show you how to take care of the texture of the carpets as the damage can not be reversed like stains can be taken out.  

Remove shoe or wear indoor sandals on the carpet

First line of defence is to take the shoe off prior enter the homes. Its is very common amount Asians, more European and adopting the practices. Shoes does not only carry the soils and gravels from outside, the hard shoe base is also very harsh on the carpet fibres. As you can see places where people want the most on the hallway and entrance has thinner carpet then other places. Thus it is worth the effort to remove shoe prior entry, it will safe you more time for later cleaning and will also make your carpet last longer. If people are going to wear sandles inside the house, make sure they are wearing indoor sandals with softer base that will not grind the carpet. Also make sure its has neutral colour as overtime the colour of the sandal base of be transfer into the carpet and will be more obvious if the sandle has contrasting bright colours such as blue.

Protects carpet around entry, kitchen, bathroom and office

Have some heavy duty rugs in hallway and places where people walk more is definitely going to protect your carpet. Can have a indoor matt and outdoor out matt at the entry. Many matts have the sigh to ask the guest to remove shoe. And outdoor mats are there for capture the soils from sure before walk inside. There are also thick bathroom mattes made of cotton made to absorb moisture off fee after shower so you do not carry the water onto the carpet or timber floor. Have dark coloured matts around kitchen area can defend again stains from food and drinks. As for around the desk and office area, there are plastic floor layers available from stationary shops that protects carpet from moving heavy chairs and foot rubbing of the carpet while sitting.

Short and long term benefits of vacuuming

Now letís talk about the carpets that is not protected by mats and rugs, which is actually the majority of the carpet. It will have constant contact with soils and dusts and will build up overtime. If the build up is not vacuumed off, it will grind the carpet bits by bit over time every time you walk on it. Weekly hovering over the carpet is a good practice to to take out the soil before it get entangled deeper with the fibre. There are vacuuming cleaning powder available from supermarket that you spread evenly on the carpet before vacuuming. What the powder does is that it deodorises by capture the substances causing the smell. Most people underestimate the importance of vacumming, but now you realise it does not only benefit the current clean, it makes the carpet last longer.

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