Home Remedy for Carpet Cleaning

To increase the carpetís life span and looking cleaning constantly. Its essential to lean the correct technique to clean carpet dirt and stains.

It can be really challenging to maintain the carpet at its top condition, especially over time after the stain build up in high traffic areas and places have exposure o pets. But with the right method and easy to follow steps, it should not be too difficult to maintain the carpet. This article will reveal some insights for simple caret maintenance.

Clean minor Carpet Stains with Dabbing

As soon as the carpet becomes stained, you generally want to clean it up by dabbing at the stain with a towel. To dab it, press the towel down into the carpet and then allow it to pick up the stain by lifting the towel back up. Next, lightly pour a few dribbles of water over the stained area and dab at the stain some more with the clean side of your towel. 

For small light colored non-offensive stains like this stain here, were going to use a small amount of carpet cleaner, a cup of water, and two dry towels. When the stain just occurred, use a towel to dab it gently to soak up the liquid. Do not press too hard as you might rub the stain deep into the fibre as some food particles can be trapped. Then dilute the stain with water and dap again the absorb the stain. You can repeat the process as much as you see appropriate.  Do not scrub as repeated scrub with damage the carpet fibre.

Carpet Cleaner Spray and steam cleaning

Finally, spray some carpet cleaner on the stain area, and with your other towel, continue to dab at the stain area until the stain on the carpet disappears completely. Allow the damp area of the carpet to dry before walking on it.

For more severe stains, try some carpet cleaning sprayer and repeat the pour water to dilute and dab procedure up to the point he stain is removed. Allow proper drying with open window, fan, heater or hairdryer.

Steam cleaning machine can be rented at supermarket or you can buy a domestic model at appliance shop. If you have a steam cleaner, it will work faster then the pour water and dap repletion procedure. It can also treat tougher stains with less drying time as more moisture is removed.

The steam machine first spay hot water on the carpet sometime mixed with cleaning solution on the carpet, some machine will spray wit higher pressure, some machine will brush the cleaning solution deep into the carpet. But all machine will suck up the dirty water and can be poured out later when the job is done or when tank is full.
Steam cleaning step by step
Have furniture removed and use a vacuumed to hover the place to be cleaned first to pick up clutters and dusters hiding under the furniture. Then use a sprayer to spray the carpet with cleaning solution, spray more to areas with stains. Then you might want to target the stains with specialised stain removed depend on the type of stain. Be sure its colour safe.

Fill the water container with hot water just before the clean. Plug the cleaner in a more heave duty socket as it require more power, usually sockets in the kitchen where designed for heavy duty usage. Carpet steam cleaning can be tiring for first timers, so plane your cleaning route first so no place is missed and no place is repeated. However repeated sucking up water without spraying water can make the carpet dryer and less saturated.

After Cleaning your Carpet

Once you have covered the entirety of the room with the steam cleaner, feel free to open some windows or turn on a fan. This will help the carpet dry a little faster. Finally, try not to walk on the freshly steamed carpet area until the carpet is dry to the touch. You can check this by pushing your hand down slightly into the carpet. If your hand is still dry when you lift it up, its good to go! So there we have it, smells fresh and looks like new again! When the area wanted to be cleaned were all done, remember to open the window, HRV, fan, heater or dehumidifier. The idea is to let it dry as soon as possible to avoid the mouldy smell if taking too long to dry. Try not to put furniture back on the wet carpet just yet as wooden furniture might leave paint stain, metal furniture leg might leave rust stain. But if you really have to, have some plastic bag as a barrier.

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