Carpet cleaner ingredients made from home

Professional carpet cleaning solution can be expensive, some are over $90 for 5 liter. Actually it can be affordable, maybe you donít even have to buy them can made it yourself. Take DIY to a new level. Good for the environment and good for the pocket.

Stain remover DIY

Add baking soda to clear vinegar until it become a consistent paste. Apply the paste on the stain and use brush to work the paste into the carpet gently. Wait for the paste to dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the drying. Can vacuumed up the dried baking soda or use to steam cleaner to clear the treatment as some tougher stains might need to repeat the treatment. Some lighter stains can be cleaned just with vinegar without mixing baking soda. Just mix vinegar with warm water ratio 50:50 as cleaning solution. The vinegar will remove odours while dissolve stains.

Vinegar is affordable and environmental friendly yet can remove stains and at the same time kill germs and deodorises. It is safe around children and household animals. However its best to minimise contact vinegar with skins.

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