Cleaning DIY

You can wash everything on the bed, except the bedding because no washer together with dryer is big enough, and even if you washed it, it cannot dry in time before you have to sleep again. So how can you keep your mattress smelling great and clean? Here are some tricks on ways to clean your mattress.
Protect your mattress by laying it using linings and mattress pads before you decide to make your bed with fresh sheets so the dirt is reduced to minimum by the time it reaches your bedding. The great thing concerning these protective layers is that you can actually wash and recycle them. Keeping the dirt and germs off the mattress will ease the process of keeping your bed clean and fresh. Change your sheets regularly and avoid the accumulation of dusts, microbes and dirt. Wash the sheets with bleaching agents, and in the hottest setting on your washer to kill any sort of tough germs. Scrub and apply gentle stain removers to reduce stains on the covers. It not only gets rid of odors and germs, it can provide ones mattress with a fresh feel and look!

There are hundreds different cleaning products on the market, and a vast majority of them have ingredients that we have no idea what they are. Remarkably, there are many household items that can be useful to treat & clean on a daily basis domestic chores!

Whiten or Sodium Hydrochloride, will remove fungus, whitens almost anything, and also disinfects and deodorizes. Also, when handling bleach or even ammonia always wear gloves avoiding skin irritation. Ammonia can strip wax of floors and cleans windows, leaving little streaks. Be extra careful when handling Ammonia because it has strong fumes. It's important to wear protective gloves and goggles, since Ammonia can burn your eyes and skin. Never blend Ammonia with whiten! Lemon Juice cuts grease and stains on aluminum together with porcelain, it also offers whitening agents. For a great all-purpose cleaner, mix equal portions involving lemon juice and water in to a spray bottle. This recipe works for an effective bathroom and kitchen cleaner.

Cornstarch cleans and deodorizes carpets and rugs. Before you vacuum, sprinkle some cornstarch, let it sit for 30 minutes, then vacuum the rest of the powder. Luckily, cornstarch can be a green cleaning product! The powder is designed for cleaning greasy surfaces in the kitchen like stovetops and countertops. To make, mix equal parts of water and cornstarch into a paste.

Ketchup are useful to clean silver and copper. The acids and vinegars within ketchup compliment the cleaning process for both precious metals silver and copper. Just, slather ketchup on your fixture and polish using a clean cloth, and watch the tarnish magically fade! Borax can be used instead of bleach, it prevents mould & mildew, removes and deodorizes stains, and can allow a little extra oomph to the cleaning power of your soap. Borax is both non-toxic and environmentally friendly!
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