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Auckland: Avondale, Blockhouse Bay, Epsom, Grafton, Greenlane, Grey Lynn, Mount Albert, Mount Eden, Mount Roskill, Mount Wellington, Onehunga, Panmure, Penrose, Remuera, Saint Heliers, Saint Johns
North Shore:
 Albany, Bayswater, Birkenhead, Browns Bay, Glenfield, Northcote, Takapuna, Devonport, Greenhithe, Orewa, Whangaparaoa
South Auckland:
Clevedon, Clover Park, East Tamaki, Howick, Mangere, Manurewa, Pakuranga, Papatoetoe
West Auckland:
Glendene, Henderson, Hobsonville, Massey, Te Atatu, West Harbour


Carpet Cleaning Prices in Auckland

The cost of carpet cleaning in Auckland is between $20 to $30 per room, so an average of $25 per room. Cost varying depending on the number of stains and room sizes. The minimum charges per job are about $120 in Auckland. For an average house with lounge open plan dining with three-bedroom is about $180. A bigger house with more rooms is between $300 to $400.

Carpet cleaning companies in Auckland usually charge based on the number of rooms and lounges for residential customers. And charge by square meters for commercial open spaces like offices, warehouses, or schools.

DIY cleaning might work for small jobs for example hire a steam machine from the supermarket. The professional truck-mounted machinery can give high temperature, high pressure, and high suction. This is highly recommended by property managers.

It has the same function as the rug doctor that uses electricity, just more powerful with petrol. Eco-friendly steam cleaning products can be bought from commercial carpet cleaning suppliers in Penrose Auckland. Deliver the most powerful clean.

A carpet usually needs cleaning once a year as carpets fiber traps in dust, dirt, and food pieces every day. May need cleaning more often if you have pets or have heavy traffic.

Carpet Cleaning Prices Per Room

The Auckland average price of carpet cleaning per room is between $20 to $40. Customers usually pay about $30 a room. Larger rooms may be charged higher. Some carpet cleaners may charge by square meter.

While other carpet cleaners advertise membership programs when you can have a three-bedroom house cleaned twice a year for an average cost of $30 a month, or a six-bedroom house for $40 a month.

Average carpet cleaning costs per room in Auckland:

Average Price $25
Minimum Cost $25
Maximum Cost $70
Average Range $25 to $35

Carpet Cleaning Prices Per Square Meter

On average in Auckland, carpet cleaning costs between $2 - $4 per square meter. If your house is bigger, prices per square meter will get cheaper.

Average carpet cleaning costs per square meter in Auckland:

Home Size Average Cost
60 to 90 square meters $180 – $270
90 to 160 square meters $270 – $480
160 to 260 square meters $480 – $780

Additional Carpet Cleaning Costs

Steaming or hot water extraction costs $2 to $4 per square meter.
Carpet repairing by patching costs about $50 to $70 per square meter.  
Carpet flooded restoration is about $100 to $300 per square meter.  

Task Average Cost
Steaming / Hot Water Extraction $2 to $4 per square meter
Dry Carpet Cleaning $3 to $5 per square meter
Patch Repairs for Carpet Holes $100 to $300 per square meter

Re-stretching Carpet To Remove Wrinkles

$30 - $50 per room
Water Extraction From Flooded Carpets $100 – $300 per room
The prices are based on experienced and insured carpet cleaning companies.

Some carpet cleaners will charge extra for heavy traffic areas with soiled carpets but may give it a discount if it is a big job. A usual price for up to 100 square meters of heavily soiled carpet is around $100.

Some companies charge extra for foyers and hallway after charge based on the number of rooms. A company that charges by the square meter to be more upfront and less surprised.

Pet stains – Some stains might be removable some may not. Vomit and poo stains are quite easy to remove. Urine has an enzyme that causes reaction and discoloration with carpet over time and cannot be reversed.

Stains treatment is done before steam cleaning. If pets continue to pee in some areas, you may need to replace the carpet and underlay, which cost around $2000 per room.

Lounge suite and chair Cleaning – Steam cleaning can remove common food stains and grease from furniture starting from $25.

Stairs Cleaning – about $20-$30 per flight of stairs.

Flood Restoration – Will suck up as much water as possible and use air to move the dry remaining as soon as possible.

Clear Furniture out of the house – Move furniture usually is not covered in the initial quotation. The cleaner does not mind move one or two light furniture if more will charge $20 per hour or more.

Stain Guard – It is a stain-resistant coating on the carpet. The coating is also water-resistant. This becomes a barrier between liquid, soils, and carpet fiber. Stain guard costs about the same as cleaning the carpet.

Wicking - Wicking happens when stains liquids flowed to the carpet underlay and resurface the stain a few days after drying. Then the stain needed to be cleaned again. This can happen if the steam clean machine is not powerful enough to break the initial stain and suck the dirty water all up.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hot Water Extraction (HWE) Carpet Cleaning

Different carpet cleaning machines will have different costs. Steam cleaning is preferred by most professional carpet cleaning companies, also knows as Hot water extraction is the most popular deep cleaning method and can remove about 98% of the dirt and carpet stain removal. It also kills dust mites.

Pre-spray of carpet cleaning shampoo, sanitizer, and deodorizer is applied before steam cleaning. Stain areas with a stain treatment. Steam cleaning is hot water is at high pressure through jet nozzles.

The carpet is rinsed with hot water, and dirty water is suctioned back up through an extraction wand. Because the extraction vacuuming follows closely after the jet nozzle. The water is hot enough to dissolve stains but not too hot to damage the carpet fiber like wool or nylon. If power water suction is applied, will take about a few hours to dry.

The carpet cleaning price will depend on the carpet loops, short cut pile or one pile is cheapest to clean, loop pile or long pile may cost 10% more. Steam cleaning can keep both carpet and upholsteries clean.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Pre Vacuuming is done before the carpet cleaning service. Shampoo carpet cleaning uses rotating brushes to push shampoo foams into the carpet and then vacuumed up. But no rinsing afterward.

The remaining foam can become sticky, may attract more dust and dirt. Little water is used so it's quick to dry.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning powder-based solvent with 10% water is pushed into the carpet. The solvent is brushed between the carpet fiber. It will absorb dirt and the solvent will be dried into power with the absorbed dirt after 10 minutes.

You can then vacuum the dried solvent away with the captured dirt. This is not as powerful deep clean as steam clean, but its not as much hard work. The chemicals will not attract future dirt like carpet shampoo.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Similar to dry carpet cleaning, a rotating brush apply the cleansing foam into the carpet. The foam contact with the dirt then crystallizes and encapsulates the dirt then dries in about 20 minutes.

Then you can vacuum the crystalized form with the dirt captured. Encapsulation uses fewer chemicals than shampooing and dries faster. However, this method does not remove heavy stains.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning detergent is sprayed on the carpet. A spinning pad with a cleaning solution work over the top of a carpet and absorb dirt from the carpet.

The pad needs to be rinsed frequently when it fills with dirt. Usually need to rinse the pad every hundred square meters. So you can optimize the pad’s capacity to absorb dirt.

This is commonly used in hotels for its quick cleaning drying properties. However, it is not a deep clean and only cleans the top layer of the carpet. And the cleaning solution will accumulate within the carpet fiber. This is why carpet manufacturers will not valid warranty if you use Bonnet Carpet Cleaning in Auckland.


Carpet Cleaning Process

Booking usually by phone then by email. Will give a quote based on the number of rooms and stains. Can give onsite visit for a quote for a large commercial job.

Remove smaller furniture from the floor, things like lamps and side tables can be knocked over if accidentally touched during cleaning. Large furniture like beds, sofas, and desks are preferred to be cleared out of the carpet before the cleaner arrives.

Respray carpet cleaning shampoo, sanitizer, and deodorizer. Stains and soiled areas will be pre-treated with appropriate chemicals.

The actual carpet cleaning itself.

Some companies will groom the carpet after cleaning, optional fabric protection and pest control.

Customer review after cleaning

Open windows or air conditioners for good airflow to make the drying faster. Drying usually takes half a day. Some cleaner offer air mover which can dry the carpet within an hour.

If the furniture is on the carpet before the carpet dried. Please have some plastic bag as a barrier between furniture feet and wet carpet to prevent paint or rust stain from the furniture.


Green Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaners use environmentally friendly eco-safe cleaning solutions made from plants, there are no harsh chemicals. Look for certified green products. Product qualities must have:

Able to clean the carpet without attracting new dirt, color-safe


Safe for the environment.

Carbon neutral packaging.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Costs

Household green cleaning products examples:

Baking soda can bleach and deodorize

Vinegar can be used as a sanitizer and can remove grease.

Borax is also a sanitizer cleaning agent.

Renting your own machine can cost $40 from the supermarket may not be as powerful clean. Some stains might need a more powerful clean from a professional truck-mounted machine.

If you have lots of heavy soil and stains, a professional powerful carpet cleaning is better off than DIY. As the chemical you use might not be effective or color-safe.


Choosing Your Carpet Cleaner

Here are some questions you might ask when choosing your carpet cleaners.

How much is the cleaning?

Any extra costs?

What carpet cleaning method do you use?

Are you insured?

Can you come and quote big jobs?

And finally, what is the drying time after clean?


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Carpet Cleaning Force

$90 – 2 Br Unit Special
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Auckland: Avondale, Blockhouse Bay, Epsom, Grafton, Greenlane, Grey Lynn, Mount Albert, Mount Eden, Mount Roskill, Mount Wellington, Onehunga, Panmure, Penrose, Remuera, Saint Heliers, Saint Johns
North Shore:  Albany, Bayswater, Birkenhead, Browns Bay, Glenfield, Northcote, Takapuna, Devonport, Greenhithe, Orewa, Whangaparaoa
Manukau City: Clevedon, Clover Park, East Tamaki, Howick, Mangere, Manurewa, Pakuranga, Papatoetoe
West Auckland: Glendene, Henderson, Hobsonville, Massey, Te Atatu, West Harbour

Deep Clean: We clean your carpets with the most powerful hot water extraction known as steam cleaning. Reaching the base of the carpet piles, removing all the dirt and stains. While other companies use shampooing, dry clean or weak steam cleaning systems which clean just top of your carpets. This results in the stains appearing again after a few days.

Carpet Protection:
Carpet manufacturers apply protectors at the factory to help your carpets stay cleaner longer. But, with foot traffic and vacuuming, this protection wears off over time. Having the protector reapplied helps slow down the formation of traffic patterns by allowing you to get more dirt out of your carpet with your vacuum cleaner. And it gives you extra time to clean up spills before they turn into stains. Protected carpet stays cleaner, brighter, and fresher ? longer! Plus, it makes vacuuming and cleaning up spots easier. So, don't block off your room. Block out the dirt and spills.

The Best:
Carpet Cleaning Force are specialists in region wide Auckland Carpet Cleaning. We have been carpet cleaners for a great many years, and offer an affordable low cost carpet cleaning service with quality second to none. Try us, and you won't be disappointed.

Carpet Deodorizer: Let's face it. When your carpet smells, your whole house does, too. But tough organic odours are no match for enzyme-powered deodorizer designed to attack odour-causing organic sources. The enzymes eliminate odours from urine, feces, vomit, sour milk and more by actually digesting the organic matter that's causing the smell - leaving your carpet smelling fresh and clean again.

Now you can reclaim rooms taken over by unpleasant odours? Just have us apply deodorizer to your carpet after we've cleaned it. It eliminates odours at their source, leaving you with the sweet smell of victory.

Post Inspection: After we finish making your carpet cleaner, we review the entire job with you to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction.

Upholstery Cleaning:
Upholstery Cleaning is one of the most delicate cleaning techniques. With over 100 deferent fabrics around, the technicians need to have the knowledge to know the type of each specific cleaning that they do and the sort of solution to go with each specific cleaning work.
All our technicians spend months of training just learning the Upholstery Cleaning to make sure they do the right cleaning for your fabrics, since, for example, choosing the wrong cleaning liquids for your sofa is likely to result in water marks, colour bleeding and even creasing.

Carpet Cleaning Force offer services at affordable rates

Carpet Cleaning Force offer competitive services for Auckland, North Shore, Manukau and Waitakere. We have high quality techniques, powerful machines and effective yet safe cleaning chemicals. Unclean carpet may result healthy issues for resident overtime. Our Cleaners have effective technique to remove dirt, stains and odour. Steam cleaning is the most effective method for as its environmental friendly reducing the exposure to chemicals to households.

Stains and dirts can damage the carpet fabric and devalues the carpet. We clean carpets and upholsteries for homes and business through out Auckland. Our rates are competitive to customer all customer's requirement.
Carpet Cleaning Auckland, Carpet Cleaning.

Carpet cleaning for people with Pets
During Sprint season, dogs and cats will leave hairs and allergens a lot more then in other seasons. Here are some advices from Carpet Cleaning Force for residents in Auckland to reduce pet hair in the carpet during spring.

Groom regularly:
Quality grooming brush will capture the loose hair before it fell to the carpet. It also remove possible future tangles and also transfer pet's own skin from from the root to the surface to help the hair shine.

Pick the right Vacuum cleaner:
The most important feature on a vacuum suited to remove pet hair is good suction. Vacuums are frequently equipped with some kind of rotating bristles, but it is superior suction that will allow you to quickly and efficiently detach stubborn hairs from the carpet's fibers. Humidity plays a large role in how easily the hair comes up; with the preference being that the drier the hair is the easier it is to be sucked up. Bag less vacuums with HEPA filters probably do the best job of keeping hair in the vacuum once it is swept up, and does an even better job of removing pet dander that can cause allergic reactions.

Vacuumed cleaner with good suction along with rotating bristles will quickly pull out entangled pet hair from carpet fiber. Remember that dry hair is easier to remove then wet hair. Ensure there are HEPA filters in the vacuum to keep the hair in the vacuum.

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